Where did the   Buffalo wing actually come from: History of the Buffalo Chicken Wings


1. Origin Story Unveiled: Buffalo wings originated in Buffalo, New York, in 1964. 2. Anchor Bar Creation: Teressa Bellissimo at Anchor Bar first concocted them.

3. Late-Night Craving Cure: A spontaneous creation to satisfy late-night bar-goers. 4. Hot Sauce Innovation: Frank's RedHot sauce played a pivotal role.

5. Spreading Wings Nationwide: Popularity surged in the '80s, spreading across America. 6. Tailgating Tradition: Buffalo wings became synonymous with football tailgates.

7. Global Culinary Phenomenon: Today, Buffalo wings are a worldwide culinary sensation. 8. Variations Galore: Countless sauce variations from mild to insanely spicy.

9. Dip Into Blue Cheese: Blue cheese dressing became the classic wing accompaniment. 10. Annual Wing Festivals: Buffalo even hosts a National Buffalo Wing Festival.