Top 5 Bikes Owned by the ‘American Badass’ & WWE Icon Undertaker 


The Undertaker, a WWE legend and the 'American Badass,' has a passion for powerful motorcycles that mirrors his on-screen persona. 

One of his iconic bikes is the custom-made, chopper-style "West Coast Chopper Undertaker Bike," featuring a distinctive design and personalized touches. 

Undertaker is also known for his love of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, with the "Undertaker's Phantom" being a notable model customized to match his fierce image. 

The "Ghost Rider Bike" is another standout in his collection, showcasing a sleek and menacing appearance, in line with his supernatural wrestling character. 

Among his top bikes is the limited-edition Harley-Davidson "Undertaker 25th Anniversary Limited Edition" bike, celebrating his quarter-century career with a unique design that pays homage to his enduring legacy.