There Is Proper Etiquette In The Era Of Smartphones

There Is Proper Etiquette In The Era Of Smartphones

Off-White Section Separator Importance Of In-Person Conversations : Despite The Convenience Of Technology It'S Still Important To Value In-Person Conversations.

Off-White Section Separator Be Aware Of Your Surroundings. Don'T Be So Engrossed In Your Phone That You'Re Not Paying Attention To What'S Going On Around You.

Off-White Section Separator Don'T Use Your Phone In Rude Or Inappropriate Situations. For Example Don'T Talk On Your Phone During A Meeting At A Movie Theater.

Off-White Section Separator Be Mindful Of Your Volume. Don'T Play Music Or Videos Too Loudly Especially In Public Places.

Off-White Section Separator Don'T Overshare. Be Mindful Of What Information You Share On Social Media And Who You Share It With.

Off-White Section Separator Take Breaks From Your Phone. It'S Important To Give Your Eyes And Mind A Break From Screens Every Now And Then.

Off-White Section Separator Be Present. When You'Re Spending Time With Friends And Family Put Your Phone Away And Focus On The People You'Re With.

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