The Science Behind Ketosis - How It Affects Your Body


Introduction to Ketosis: – Ketosis is a metabolic state where your body burns fat. – It occurs when carb intake is low, forcing fat utilization.

Fueling the Brain: – In ketosis, the brain uses ketones for energy. – Ketones are produced from fatty acids in the liver.

Fat-Burning Mechanism: – Ketosis shifts the body from carb to fat metabolism. – Fats broken into ketones are primary energy sources.

Insulin Sensitivity Improvement: – Ketosis enhances insulin sensitivity, lowering blood sugar levels. – Improved insulin function aids in better weight management.

Appetite Regulation: – Ketosis often reduces hunger and cravings. – Ketones influence hormones that control appetite, promoting satiety.

Athletic Performance Benefits: – Endurance athletes may benefit from ketosis. – Fat becomes a potent and sustained energy source for workouts.