Starbucks Red Cup Day 2023: How to Get a Free Red Cup


1. Early Birds Catch the Cup: Arrive at Starbucks before 10 AM. 2. App Alert: Set notifications for exclusive Red Cup Day offers.

3. Sip and Snap: Share a Red Cup selfie on social media. 4. Rewards Royalty: Maximize Starbucks Rewards for Red Cup perks.

5. Festive Flavor Frenzy: Try seasonal drinks for a higher chance. 6. Group Gatherings Garner Gifts: Bring friends for a shared experience.

7. DIY Decor: Customize your cup for added holiday cheer. 8. Merry Morning Meetings: Schedule work discussions at Starbucks.

9. Loyalty Pays Off: Regulars often get Red Cup Day surprises. 10. Golden Hour Grab: Visit during non-peak hours for swifter service.