Record-Breaking Tourist Attractions From Around The World

World'S Tallest Statue: The Statue Of Unity In India Which Stands At 182 Meters Tall.

World'S Largest Hot Spring: Waimangu Cauldron In New Zealand Which Is 409029 Square Feet In Area.

World'S Busiest Pedestrian Crossing: Shibuya Crossing In Tokyo Japan Which Is Crossed By Over 3000 People At A Time During Rush Hour.

World'S Most Visited Museum: The Louvre Museum In Paris France Which Welcomes Over 9 Million Visitors Per Year.

World'S Driest Place: The Atacama Desert In Chile Where Some Areas Have Not Received Rain In Over 400 Years.

World'S Longest Waterslide: The Action Aquapark In Malaysia Which Features A Waterslide That Is 1140 Meters Long.

World'S Tallest Outdoor Elevator: The Bailong Elevator In China Which Takes Visitors To The Top Of The Tianzi Mountains.

World'S Largest Cave: Son Doong Cave In Vietnam Which Is Over 5 Miles Long And 656 Feet Tall At Its Highest Point.