Ranking 2023 10 Best Wrestlers in   WWE - Who Will be the Top Number 1 


Roman Reigns Dominates: The Tribal Chief continues to reign supreme, displaying unparalleled charisma and in-ring prowess.

Bianca Belair's Soaring Star: Belair's athleticism and resilience make her a top contender.

Seth Rollins Showmanship Shines: Rollins flamboyance and technical skills keep him a fan favorite.

Becky Lynch's Comeback Queen Status: The Man's return has been nothing short of legendary.

Drew McIntyre's Powerhouse Presence: McIntyre's strength and agility secure his top-tier status.

Charlotte Flair's Unmatched Legacy: Flair's legacy in the women's division remains unmatched.

AJ Styles' Phenomenal Streak Continues: Styles' consistently stellar performances solidify his top ranking.

Sasha Banks' Boss Mentality: Banks' attitude and ring psychology make her a standout.

Randy Orton's Viper Strikes Again: Orton's veteran status and cunning tactics keep him relevant.

Kevin Owens' Fearless Fight: Owens' fearless approach in the ring earns him a top spot.