1: "Study shows people born in the 's face persistent mental health struggles as they grow older."

2: "As individuals age, those born in the 's continue to grapple with mental health issues, according to research."

3: "Research reveals that individuals born in the 's are less likely to recover from mental health challenges as they get older."

4: "A recent study highlights the long-lasting impact of mental health issues on those born in the 's as they age."

5: "Findings suggest that people born in the 's experience ongoing mental health difficulties that persist into later life."

6: "As time passes, individuals born in the 's encounter enduring mental health obstacles, as indicated by a comprehensive study."

7: "Ongoing struggles with mental health afflict those born in the 's throughout their lifetime, according to a new study."

8: "According to research, people born in the 's face ongoing challenges with mental health that persist as they grow older."

9: "Study reveals that individuals born in the 's face ongoing mental health issues that continue into their later years."