8 Quick Lunch Ideas To Turn Your Work Day Around

8 Quick Lunch Ideas To Turn Your Work Day Around

Mason Jar Salad : Layer Your Favorite Salad Ingredients Like Greens Veggies Protein (Chicken Tofu Chickpeas) And Dressing In A Mason Jar.

Wrap Or Burrito : Fill A Tortilla With Lean Protein Veggies And Some Hummus Or Sauce.

Quinoa Bowl : Cook Quinoa And Top It With Roasted Vegetables Grilled Chicken Avocado And A Drizzle Of Vinaigrette For A Nutritious And Filling Bowl.

Stir-Fry : Prep Some Stir-Fry Ingredients (Veggies Protein Sauce) In Advance. Quickly Stir-Fry Them In A Pan And Serve Over Rice Or Noodles.

Greek Yogurt Parfait : Layer Greek Yogurt With Granola Fresh Berries And Honey For A Protein-Packed And Sweet Lunch.

Soup And Sandwich Combo : Pair A Cup Of Your Favorite Soup (Homemade Or Store-Bought) With A Half-Sandwich Or Wrap For A Comforting And Quick Meal.

Pasta Salad : Make A Pasta Salad With Whole Wheat Pasta Cherry Tomatoes Olives Feta Cheese And A Light Vinaigrette Dressing. It'S Easy To Prepare And Carry.

Leftovers Remix : Reimagine Last Night'S Dinner Leftovers Into A New Dish. For Example Turn Grilled Chicken Into A Salad Or Transform Roasted Veggies Into A Grain Bowl.