8 Animals With Impressive Fur Patterns

8 Animals With Impressive Fur Patterns

Okapi: Resembling A Mix Between A Zebra And A Horse The Okapi Features Striking Black And White Striped Legs And A Reddish-Brown Body.

Quokka: Known As The "World'S Happiest Animal" The Quokka Sports A Cute Smiley Face And Brown Fur With Lighter Markings.

Clouded Leopard: With Its Elusive And Mesmerizing Spots And Markings The Clouded Leopard Is A Stunning Big Cat Species.

African Painted Dog: Also Known As African Wild Dogs These Animals Display Intricate And Colorful Mottled Patterns On Their Coats.

Harlequin Filefish: A Marine Fish With A Unique Pattern Resembling A Harlequin Costume Featuring Intricate Lines And Spots.

Mantis Shrimp: These Marine Creatures Come In A Variety Of Striking Colors And Patterns Making Them Stand Out On Coral Reefs.

Fennec Fox: This Small Desert Fox Has Enormous Ears And A Pale Coat With Distinctive Black Markings Around Its Eyes And Ears.

Sunda Flying Lemur: With A Gliding Membrane Connecting Its Limbs This Adorable Primate Has A Striking Facial Mask And Striking Coloration.