1: "Discover the ultimate list of Keto-friendly foods for a flatter belly in just a few days!"

2: "Avocado – a creamy, low-carb superfood for a flatter tummy."

3: "Nuts – packed with healthy fats and protein to support your keto journey."

4: "Asparagus – a fiber-rich veggie that aids digestion and reduces bloating."

5: "Salmon – an omega-3 powerhouse for a leaner midsection."

6: "Eggs – a protein-packed staple for a flat belly in no time."

7: "Cauliflower – a versatile, low-carb veggie to enhance your keto menu."

8: "Spinach – a nutrient-dense green to boost weight loss on keto."

9: "Coconut oil – a thermogenic fat that can boost your metabolism."