7 Crockpot Meals You Can Set & Forget

7 Crockpot Meals You Can Set & Forget

Beef Stew : Combine Beef Potatoes Carrots Onions And Broth With Seasonings. Cook On Low For 7-8 Hours Until Tender.

Chicken And Rice : Mix Chicken Rice Broth And Vegetables With Spices. Cook On Low For 4-6 Hours For A Complete Meal.

Pulled Pork : Season A Pork Shoulder With Barbecue Sauce And Spices. Cook On Low For 8-10 Hours Then Shred For Sandwiches.

Vegetarian Chili : Combine Beans Tomatoes Vegetables And Chili Spices In The Crockpot. Cook On Low For 6-8 Hours.

Potato Soup : Cook Diced Potatoes Onions Broth And Spices Until Tender. Add Cream And Blend For A Creamy Soup.

Chicken Tacos : Place Chicken Breasts Taco Seasoning Diced Tomatoes And Onions In The Crockpot.

Mushroom Risotto : Mix Arborio Rice Mushrooms Broth White Wine And Seasonings In The Crockpot.

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