10 Best Abs Workout   for Busy Peolple: 10 minutes workout


Plank Power:Strengthen your core with planks—hold for 30-60 seconds. 

Quick Crunches:Ten minutes of crunches provide a solid abdominal workout.

Leg Raise Challenge:Lift and lower your legs for toned lower abs. 

Bicycle Burn:Pedal your way to a sculpted midsection with bicycle crunches. 

Desk Chair Swivel:Engage your core by swiveling in your office chair subtly. 

Tabata Twist:Incorporate Tabata intervals with intense twisting exercises. 

Stair Stepping Abs:Utilize stairs for step-ups, engaging your core with each step. 

Lunch Break Lunges:Enhance your lunch break with lunges for a total body workout. 

Seated Russian Twists:Twist while seated for a discreet yet effective ab exercise. 

High-Intensity Plank Variations:Elevate your heart rate with dynamic plank variations for efficiency.