10 Best Ab Workout for Busy Moms 


Plank Power: Strengthen your core with the classic plank pose. 

Crunch Craze: Quick crunches target abdominal muscles effectively in minutes. 

Leg Lift Love: Lift and lower legs for a killer lower ab workout. 

Supermom Superman: Channel your inner superhero with this back-strengthening move. 

Twist and Shout (Abs): Add a twist to basic exercises for oblique engagement. 

Chair Challenge: Tone abs discreetly while sitting with seated leg lifts. 

Kitchen Counter Crunches: Sneak in ab exercises while cooking or waiting. 

Stroller Strides: Turn your stroller walks into a fitness routine. 

Bedtime Burnout: Quick ab routine before bedtime for busy moms. 

Mommy and Me Moves: Involve your child in fun ab exercises.